Now that you're gone
I'm alone on the shore
You're not walking with me
So the song of the sea
Isn't sweet anymore

But the soft, soft sands
Are the same soft sands
Where we once had such fun
In the warm summer sunshine

There is the rock
That you dared me to climb
Darling, that was the place
Where we shared an embrace
For the very first time

Yes, the rock still stands
On the soft soft sands
And it's more than my heart can bear

Why do I still dream of that storybook ending?
When will my heart ever learn?
Why do I sit here pretending
That you will, that you will, that you will return?

Time and again, since you told me goodbye
I come back to this spot
'Cause it's all that I got to remember you by
And I run my hands through the soft, soft sands
Where you once said you'd always care

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