Just a little bit gun-shy, with a criminal mind
She came in like an animal and left like an innocent child
Now I'm stranded on empty, across nation lines
Clear night like a rosary against a dashboard light
Driving to you, Riviera
How long can you run?

Now the moon and the pavement are like noon daylight
Smokestacks and the gambling signs along the black horizon line
I once had a sister like you, lost on the other side
You run because you have to, from the firing lines
Shot into you Riviera, how long can you run?

Ain't it strange how the ones you steal, they keep you alive
How she could make you feel like you never been high? 
I can't remember what was real, like a killer in denial
Careful to conceal every last line leading to you, Riviera
I deliver to you, the Riviera! 
How long can you run?

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