Louisiana Lou and Three Card Monty John, 
Oh lord, what a natural pair.
Looking for a game, fortune and fame,
Waitin' just a little farther down the road somewhere.

Now Three Card Monty is a gamblin' game,
Two black aces and a pretty red queen,
Keep your eye on the lady and lay your money down,
Watch the fastest hand you've ever seen.

Texas Hustlin' Billy, lord he's on the road again,
He was seen in New Orleans the other day,
Now Lou is known as quite a man with a pool cue in his hand,
Won't be long 'til him and John were headed down that way.


It was Friday night, lord the time was right,
Texas Billy finally made his play,
The game went on into the night and just about dawn,
They were counting Bill's money lord, headed for LA


Waitin' just a little farther down the road somewhere

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