I've got the key to the highway 
Billed out and bound to go 
I'm gonna leave here, runnin' 
Because walkin' is most too slow 

I'm going back to the border 
Where I'm better known 
'Cause you haven't done nothin' 
But drove a good man away from home 

Give me one mo' kiss, mama 
Just befo' I go 
'Cause when I'm leavin' here 
I won't be back no mo' 

When the moon 
Peep o'vr the mountain 
Honey, I'll be on my way 
I'm gonna walk this highway 
Until the break of day 

Well, it's so-long, so-long, baby 
I must say good-bye 
I'm gonna roam this highway 
Until the day I die. 

(harmonica & instrumental to end) 

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