Well, I want to tell the story about a hard luck guy
Nobody seems to love me, I guess that`s the reason why
Just dreams, dreams all night long and through the day
Yes, and it`s so sad, oh, to break my heart this way
Yes, I`m not handsome or romantic, I don`t have wavy hair
Won`t you girls please have mercy
The way you treat me ain`t fair
Why does bad luck follow me
Oh, dreams, seems that`s all that`s left for me
Well, I just can`t get no place with a doggone thing I plan
Every girl I try my luck on belongs to some other man
Where, where, where is the one I`m dreaming of 
All gone, gone with last night`s dreams of love
Yes, last night as I lay sleepin`, I dreamed about a queen
And it hurt me so bad, people
To wake up and find out it was just a dream
Dream, dream is all I can do
Oh, I`m so tired dreamin` dreams, dreams
That won`t come true

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