Faced the crowd
In a blind mirror
Skull smashed headfirst
Against this wall of inner need
I knew this fall
Would send it all down towards the lights
And they will question once more
From their unscathed towers

I'll answer:
Go on and force
Your one-bit truth until the end
I'll swallow every bullet
That rips through the hull
A sheltered life crawls forward, vomits
And folds around twin blades
I pull it back like last time
Yet it never cuts through all the way
I always have to take it hostage

Whenever I feel
I find no way to begin
It always bled from within
They fed the dreams so it could rip
I've grown content in this dream
I'll let those others take and give

Whenever I feel
There is no way to begin
I've grown content in this dream
I'll let those others take and give

And if I had:
Leaned forward and let their downpours mask
Preburned fields growing supports for a future set in past
Every reflection would lie and every breath would climb blind
Toward their shallow corpse of a self-lit sky
And just its weight would be enough
To send it all off the edge towards that same undecided mind
Towards that self-absorbed conscience that only screams
So predictably:

"Someone burn me an exit"

Stormed their black-rise tower looming past
Drove them all out into a corner
Of the memory grid map
Air locked and silenced, I kept holding back
Finally burned them all alive
Before cutting off my own blood supply
I knew they had it bypassed to a bloodthirsty human mass
That infested with a false promise of a chance
And held a freedom already dried up and past

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