I always seem to fall in love with the wrong person
You whisper in my ear, all the things you thought I'd want to hear

Your approach was much too strong instead of love we're in the danger zone
But baby there are better ways to get to know someone and I've always been the type to never bite my tongue

So cool it out, I'm not gonna change my mind
I like you just the way you are girl, do I have to shout, I'm asking you please don't talk dirty to me

I really don't think it's time to try to seduce me with your lines
Why you wann try something new, in my opinion I just call it rude

If you take a moment just to notice I'm into you
So those words can't make my feelings stronger to tell the truth

It's not ladylike you should try to show some class
Have some finesse girl you're the best
Do I have to shout, I'm asking you please
Don't talk dirty to me, no no

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