Hey boys and girls
This ninja science lesson's gonna rock your world
Now close your eyes and travel back in time
With me and Ninja Brian
It's gonna blow your mind to shit!

It was an ordinary day at Dinosaur High
When Stegosaurus raised his hand to call for high-fives
Tyrannosaurus saw this and got pissed
Because his tiny wrists
Caused his high-five to miss
And he was like "F*ck this!"

Oh yeah, oh yeah, it's an old-school dinosaur laser fight!
Oh yeah, hell yeah, just a classic dinosaur laser fight!

It was a futuristic prehistoric throw down
But it was quiet because in space there is no sound
Did we mention that this took place in space?
It did, so shut your face
Also, there were robots and sharks

Oh yeah, oh yeah, it's a goddamn dinosaur laser fight!
In space, with sharks, it's a balls-out dinosaur laser fight!

It's fucking science!
Just ask Albert Einstein, he invented space

And then a bunch of fucking aliens from Mars
Showed up all ripping solos on V-neck guitars
The dinos, sharks, and robots saw they came in peace
So they killed them with lasers
Holy shit!

And then they had a giant laser party
A dinosaur laser party, holy shit!
Laser party, holy shit!
It's fucking science, it's fucking science


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