Love, like a rose in bloom
All of the Rainbow Children will feel it soon
To the east, word traveled about this energy
Until it reached the Banished Ones
Who just wanted this love to cease

They now fallen in to
The Resistor's dream
And they built a Digital Garden
Or so it seemed

In this brilliant darkness
So-called angels of light
"Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies"

And all the Rainbow Children
Will stand and fight
For everlasting, everlasting life
For the one who sits on the right
For Him we're willing to do the work

The Banished Ones approaching the palace shouted obscenities. 
They tried to confuse the Rainbow Children and dethrone their king. 
Using the lies promoted by the whose papers, hellavisions, and scagazines
The Banished Ones constructed a Digital Garden around the palace 
That extended throughout the world. 
Furthermore they demanded compensation 
For their time spent in the palace before the exile. 
This was noise! "So be it," said the Wise One, 
And gladly obliged with an invisible deed. 
The Banished Ones accepted and returned to their place of birth in Mendacity. 
As for the Rainbow Children, they began deconstructing the Digital Garden. 
Door to door they went in search of those willing to do The Work

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