Lend my ears, destination
A lonely conversation
Am the truth, live a lie
A normal guy

Waste away
tomorrow comes

The monster, the monster
How do you split $450 3- ways?
The footprints, the footprints
How do you split $450 3- way

You ask me a question 

You're going back and forth
I'm the one who's there when
You are so down.

I think we sailed too far
We've sailed to far
Your making things too hard
You make it you make it

If I'm in a crowd and I see you
All alone
Your such a f*ck that I love to hate myself.

Radio station
C4 am 95

They got the riffs
And they got the chords
The nine-string guitar attack leaves you begging
For more

We're tuning to thank you
Radio station
C4 am 95

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