Check it out, Joe 
I'll tell you a secret 
If you know where to keep it
And you promise not to tell 
Got a tale or two 
About a girl that you could have sworn you knew so well 
It was years ago 
Though it sounds like yesterday 
You came on strong and she gave it all away
He had an angel's face
A fighter's grace
And an ace hidden up his sleeve 
But never mind 'cos love is blind
And she needed to believe
His touch could fill
He held her safe from harm
If looks could kill
She'd have died there in his arms 

Deep in the dark
The thunder in her heart
He told her every single lie 
He swore he'd never told anyone before

Check it out, Joe
Now you wake up in the dead of night
And reach out to touch her hair 
But the bed is empty, turn on the light
And she's not even there 
Then a note she wrote 
You read that thing and weep
'Cause if you love someone 
And never know what runs so deep 

Deep in the dark
The thunder in her heart
She told you every single lie 
She swore she'd never heard before

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