Things are different on my block
I don't know if you heard about,
How these folks are living
And I can't help you out.
It seemed to be your foul again.
What you said got you running round'
The demon entered your enemies,
You'll pay when you slow down.

Oh, oh
I feel for you.
So take your time.
Your crawlin',
Things can only get better boy.
Your life can shine in front of you,
I'm certain after you.

Times are changin' you know that.
God knows what you were you were thinking of.
Everybody's watchin',
They can't destroy enough.
I try to figure out, (figure out)
The rules of this or that game.
The street that got your number,
You don't remember your name.

[Chorus: x2]

I can't let this carry on.
The shadows won't cover your regrets.
They told you about this avenue,
I bet you won't forget.

[Chorus: x2]

You're crawlin' [Repeat: x3]

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