She's a dancer, a romancer
I'm a Capricorn and she's a Cancer
She saw my picture in a music magazine

When she met me, said she'd get me
Touched her hips and told me that she'd let me
I took her hand, baby, this is what I said,
I said

Baby, baby, don't you hesitate
'Cause I just can't wait
Baby, won't you take me down on my knees
You can do what you please
C'mon and love me

I'm a man, I'm no baby, and you're lookin' every inch a lady
You're good lookin' and you're lookin' like you should be good
You were distant, now you're nearer
I can feel your face inside the mirror
The lights are out and I can feel you, baby, with my hand

[Chorus x2]

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