You better believe it
In a conversation, talking of nothing
We were drinking sweet wine
Comforting our one and only
In our sterile business
We have become jealous
Satisfied in our desolation
Wrapped in our vivid dreams
Now I remember two days that mean a lot to me
I remember the two days
When every hour was a minute
And every minute was a lifetime
And the ocean was a sea
And you dragged me into the mountains
With a flimsy guarantee
The stronger the man
The stronger the woman
If it ended now, would you be willing?
I've given you everything
I've given you nothing
I used to think of angels
But that's all gone
I used to dream of love and kisses
Wanting to belong
And I tear around the corners
Blindfolded to the world
I used to think that candy floss
Was only made for girls
See how it feels for me
Do you believe in me?
Hard-headed sense of failure
In a narrow mind
I never used to think about the love hurt I'd left behind
And now it falls upon me like winter snow
And I turn the same corners
When there's no place left to go

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