Baby tell me what you're trying to prove 
Playing games with my heart 
Hey now listen, I ain't gonna take one more night 
You're the one who broke the rules 
And I'm the one who played the fool 
Now you're trying to tell me it's alright 
You should know better than to hurt a friend 
You'll never get another chance again 

You'll be back where you started 
I know you won't admit it but you're broken-hearted 
Back where you started 
You think it's gonna be easy but it just gets harder, harder 

You had a way with words 
One look and I was under your spell 
I didn't know should I stay or should I run 
You can't deny you told me lies 
Love 'em and leave 'em baby, that's your style 
I'm not afraid to take life as it comes 
You play with fire I guess you'll never learn 
You mess with me babe, you 're gonna get burned 

 You'll be back where you started 
I know how it feels when you've been discarded 
Back where you started 
You think you got it made but it won't get you far, no it won't get you far 

 Who's gonna help ya, throw you a lifetime 
I'll tell you one thing, you've really done it this time 
You took your one chance and let it slip away

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