Check,one two
Take care to get what you like
Or you will be forced to like what you get!

I flick the switch
2000 volts of lyrical tricks, yeah
Discharge hard like lightning quick
And hear the tick, you got it ?
But before you hear the tock
There`s a new flex I drop
From my frontal lobe
`til the microphone explodes
Love to rock bottom beats for the flicks
To hibernate and syncopate but I`m still in the mix
Come on

Rock bottom, yeah
Rock bottom
Come on

I`m gonna blow up big,
While u still on the bottom of the charts like a twig, yeah
It`s lonely on the top, the champ is here
For the lyrics I drop
I pump kinetics, unintential malice
Wanna battle one of us is ending up in God`s palace
Back off deadly like black coffee,
Long as I got lungs and a knot you can`t stop me

Rock bottom, yeah
Join the jams!
Come on, yeah

Back on the track
Nice and loud!

I`m ice
The man that kicks-in-the-door
My mouth is gonna gun you down
I`ve never needed pistols before
You better stick to the floor
Rock bottom

Rock bottom
Join the jams!

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